Pro Circuit Valves by Del West: "The Horsepower is Awesome," Says Mammoth Motocross Rider

Mammoth Lakes, Calif. , June 29, 2011 -- With Pro Circuit titanium valves by Del West powering his bike, rider Jake Lyons could drive his engine harder through the hairpin turns at last week's Mammoth Motocross race.

"The horsepower is awesome," said Lyons, 17, of Santa Clarita, Calif.

Lyons placed 3rd Saturday in the 250 Intermediate at the Mammoth Motocross races here, and 7th overall Friday in the Intermediate Open. In August, he will travel to Tennessee to compete in the by-invitation- only AMA Amateur National Motocross Championships at the Loretta Lynn Ranch.

Lyons maintains three bikes and he's been running Pro Circuit valves by Del West in them for the past three years. He felt the difference immediately.

"You're going through a turn and (with these valves) the engine snaps right away," said Lyons, resting in his mechanic’s trailer after the Saturday race. "It revs out really quickly. It doesn’t lag. "

Lyon's father, Bob, likes the performance, too. But he buys Pro Circuit valves by Del West for a second reason as well: safety.

"Your son breaks his valve in a motocross race and his head goes through a hay bale," Bob Lyons said. "You can’t skimp on valves. "

Jake Lyons graduated high school this month. Now he hopes to make a career out of riding motocross. And he plans to do it with Pro Circuit valves by Del West powering him forward.

"They are there when you need them," he said.

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