DW's Fully CrN-Coated Valves Come to Parts Peddler

Valencia, Calif., November 11, 2011 – Del West's fully CrN-coated titanium valves will be on prominent display next week at the Parts Peddler Trade Show 2011 in Syracuse, New York.

Racers and race teams will be able to learn more about the chromium-nitride coating and how it prolongs the life of the valve by visiting the company's booth, staffed by Phil Martin, sales manager for Del West USA.

"From here on out, all the valves in our catalog are going to be fully CrN-coated," Martin said. "The customers are going to have added protection that wasn't there before, at no extra cost to them."

The booth will also display other Del West-manufactured components, such as retainers, locks and valve guides.

Joining Martin at the booth, as he does every year, will be Bob Van De Walle, the company's inside sales representative. He says he relishes the chance to get out of his office in California and learn more about the racing business in a different part of the country.

"I go to this show and meet people I've been talking to on the phone for years," Van De Walle said. "It allows me to put a face to a name. After you meet someone, there's just a better rapport there. That's what nice about these shows."

Parts Peddler will celebrate its 32nd anniversary when it runs from November 18-20 at the New York State Fairgrounds. The event showcases manufacturers and other businesses related to big block modified cars and other forms of Northeast auto racing.

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